Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get permanent jewelry by Always Northern?

Check our pop-up schedule for where we'll be next! We pop in different locations across the twin cities/western WI. 

You can also host a private party! Gather 5 or more of your friends and I will come to you. Servicing the twin cities and surrounding areas as well as western wisconsin. 

So is it really permanent?

While the jewelry is welded on and our pieces are durable, it is not indestructible. Please use care and consciousness. The daintier the chain, the more fragile. We are not responsible for broken or lost chains. 

Does it hurt?

No!! Getting permanent jewelry is a quick, painless and fun experience. The spark generated during this process is NOT of high temperature. 

Can it be removed?

If the jewelry needs to be removed for any reason, it can be removed with jewelry snips or nail clippers and re-welded for a small fee if desired. Make sure to cut at the jump ring and keep your chain! 

Does it require any maintanence?

Our jewelry can undergo months of wear without needing to be cleansed! To maintain the integrity of the link, aftercare can be used to remove debris or build-up. 

What is the jewelry made out of?

All of our chains are high quality sterling silver and gold filled. Gold-filled chains consist of a thick layer of gold bonded to a base metal. At a minimum, the amount of gold is 5% the total weight of the product. It Is extremely tarnish resistant + lasts years!

We do carry one chain that is gold-plated with colored enamel (maho). The lower price point of this chain reflects the lower quality.

How does it work?

1. choose your chain/s and if you want any charms or a connector

2. I will custom fit the chain to your wrist, ankle, finger or neck, making sure that the fit is comfortable to you. I will then apply and close a jump ring connecting the chain

3. weld time! a quick little zap and your permanent jewelry is done


* once the chain is cut, sale is final *

What is the cost?

Sterilng silver: ring $20 | bracelet $55 | anklet $65 | necklace $6/inch

Gold-filled: ring $25 | bracelet $65 | anklet $75 | necklace $8/inch

What if it falls off?

If your jewelry falls off make sure to save the chain! We offer one free re-weld when you have the chain. Any further re-welds will be a small fee. If the chain is not in its orignal condition, a new chain may need to be purchased.